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Thank you for visiting! With two separate divisions, we are North America's largest supplier of reinforced concrete (GFRC) boulders, rock cliff panels and monuments used in the swimming pool and spa, water feature, landscape, general construction, design, home and garden, and death care industries. Please click on the product section you want to learn more about below (or in the index bar at left).

Waterfalls made with artificial rock never looked so good! As North America's largest supplier of reinforced concrete (GFRC) artificial boulders and rock cliff panels used in the swimming pool and spa, landscaping and general construction trades, Rock & Water Creations enjoys a worldwide reputation for the realism, quality and huge selection of its cast stone products as well as for its two-day seminars for professionals, excellent technical assistance and top-notch customer service.

Swimming pool and spa, landscape and general construction contractors who are trained in the proper installation and coloring techniques of its material can depend on Rock & Water Creations' GFRC boulder and rock cliff panels to offer their residential and commercial customers awe-inspiring waterfalls, grottos, ponds, streams and other water features that look as if they were carved by erosion thousands of years ago.

Far improved from the fake rock of years ago, Rock & Water Creations' GFRC replicated cliff panels and GFRC artificial boulders are today's best faux rock alternative with greater design flexibility than even natural stone for creating more impressive and realistic backyard water features to meet the sophisticated landscaping and swimming pool design expectations of today's demanding homeowners.


Just imagine Rock & Water Creation's new "San Miguel" waterfall cascading into your new or remodeled swimming pool design, backyard pond or stream! Crafted from quality reinforced concrete (GFRC) rock cliff panels cast from natural rock formations, the "San Miguel" is the ideal answer for homeowners who might not have the budget for a swimming pool, spa, landscaping or general construction contractor to create a more elaborate custom water feature using our company's family of GFRC panels and artificial boulders.

The "San Miguel" is an affordable, natural-looking prefabricated waterfall with the tranquil sounds of a mountain creek that can turn your backyard landscaping into an oasis! Ready to be shipped anywhere in your choice of several natural colors, the "San Miguel" waterfall is sold to retail customers as well as wholesale to qualified swimming pool, spa and landscape contractors.

This "all-in-one" waterfall can be easily installed in a day or two by a landscape, swimming pool or water feature professional. The 700-800 lb. waterfall can be featured by itself or set among a backyard design that also includes Rock & Water Creations' wide selection of artificial boulders molded from actual natural stone, far improved versions of the fake rock of years past. Learn more inside!

Our life-sized animal landscape sculptures created in reinforced concrete (GFRC) replicated rock by artist Dennis Shives of Ojai, Calif., are aready earning a world-class reputation with private collectors, designers and landscape architects alike for their realism and uniqueness, but more importantly for the simple, gentle spirits of nature they portray. These sculptures are also popular for placement at estates and at cemetery and memorial park cremation gardens and nature trails, especially in children and infant sections.

When placed outdoors in a tranquil garden, among plants or on the front or backyard lawn, Rock & Water Creations' exclusive Memorial and Personal Monuments™ are the natural way to celebrate people (and pets) while "Keeping Their Memory Close to Home™" and providing an attractive accent to any landscaping. Manufactured from reinforced concrete (GFRC) replicated rock, they weigh 60-130 lbs. Their rugged beauty is surpassed only by their incredible strength to ensure a lasting memorial for generations to come. They're the perfect answer to the growing worldwide cremation rate. Get more details inside!

Rock & Water Creations is the exclusive manufacturer of an assortment of beautiful reinforced concrete (GFRC) rock monuments made to replicate a bark-encrusted tree stump and variety of boulders which are ideal for cemetery and woodland burial grounds planners and designers who want to create more natural-looking and profitable cremation gardens and nature trails at private, VA, religious, public and pet cemeteries.
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